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Deep Brain Stimulation Programming (DBS)

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a procedure used to treat Parkinson’s patients. It is designed to help them with their tremors, slowed movement and walking problems. DBS uses electrical currents to “jam” abnormal brain signals. DBS involves the implantation of a battery-operated neurotransmitter under the collarbone. Attached to this device is a pacemaker-like wire with an electrode at the tip. This wire is inserted just under the skin and led along the length of the neck up to the scalp, where it is placed through a small hole in the skull. The electrode tip is implanted in the target brain center.

Once in place, electrical impulses are sent from the neurotransmitter up along the wire to the brain. These impulses interfere with and block the electrical signals that cause tremors and other symptoms. Studies have shown that DBS significantly reduces tremors and other movement-interfering symptoms in about two-thirds of all Parkinson’s patients.

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